Barry Goldstein

Barry Goldstein

Visiting Professor of Humanities

Dodd Annex Rm 2


B.S. Union College (1973)
M.S. University of Rochester (1976)
M.D. University of Rochester (1981)
Ph.D. University of Rochester (1982)

Areas of Expertise

Barry Goldstein is a photojournalist who’s covered New York on 9/11, an infantry battalion in Iraq, reservists in Afghanistan, and national political conventions (his scariest assignment.) His monographs include “Being There: Medical Morgue Volunteers following 9/11” (NYU Master Scholars Press) and “Gray Land: Soldiers on War” (W. W. Norton).


INTR 252 / ARTS 252

The Human Image: Photographing People and Their Stories (not offered 2019/20)